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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Are you rocking a chic blunt bob or just flaunting your naturally short hair and ready for a change? Having short hair doesn’t mean sacrificing the dream of long luxurious locks! At Neish Hair, we specialize in seamless weft hair extensions for any natural hair length, ensuring a flawless blend that is undetectable and (of course), stunning! Let’s dive into some common questions we receive about hair extensions for short hair:

How long does my hair need to be to get hair extensions?

Typically, hair that is at least 3-inches in length can accommodate our hair extensions securely while allowing us to blend them seamlessly. Whether you are sporting a pixie cut or a blunt bob, you can still rely on our gorgeous seamless wefts to add length and volume!

Will my hair extensions be hard to style with short hair?

Short hair, don’t care – especially when it comes to styling with hair extensions! Our seamless wefts are designed with an ultra-thin band to integrate into your natural hair and truly look…well… natural! You can also rely on our hair extension experts to blend the hair perfectly – allowing you tons of styling options all while remaining undetectable!

What are the best hair extensions for short hair?

We highly recommend our 100% virgin cuticle seamless wefts when it comes to short hair (and any hair)! There are a few reasons why our seamless wefts are perfect for transitioning from short to long:

  • Our wefts are designed with an ultra-thin band (actually, the thinnest band on the market)! Having this ultra-thin band is important because it looks the most natural when installed, lying flat against your hair without any detectability.

  • Our seamless weft installation process is one we have perfected. Our hair extension experts use extremely small microbeads to install the wefts. Those paired with the ultra-thin band ensure the extensions look completely natural.

  • Our 100% virgin cuticle hair is also the best hair available on the market. You want to make sure you are investing in great quality hair that looks (and is) real! This will help when it comes to blending your natural hair in with the extensions. We also offer tons of different textures and colours, as well as customizations, to ensure a perfect blend.

  • Besides the hair quality and the installation methods, it also comes down to skill. Our hair extension experts are magicians when it comes to trimming and cutting your extensions to blend perfectly with your natural hair.

How many rows of extensions do I need?

The number of rows of extensions needed all depends on your desired volume and thickness you wish to achieve, as well as your natural hair thickness. During your consultation at Neish Hair, our experienced stylists will assess your hair type and your desired look to recommend the perfect number of rows!

Should I take the plunge from short to long?

If you are looking to go from short to long hair, you have come to the right place! Our pristine hair quality, paired with our specially manufactured wefts, healthy installation process, and experienced hair extension specialists, all ensure you can get your desired look at Neish Hair!

If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or book a free consultation.


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