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Choosing the Right Length, Colour and Style for Your Hair Extensions

Are you considering hair extensions to transform your look and boost your confidence? You're in the right place! At Neish Hair, we understand that finding the ideal hair extensions involves more than just adding length. It's about creating a seamless blend that matches your unique style, personality, and boosts your confidence! In this blog post, we'll help you navigate the exciting possibilities of hair extensions, from selecting the right length and colour to choosing a style that's perfect for you!

Selecting the Length:

The first step in your hair extension journey is determining the desired length. Our hair extensions come in a wide variety of lengths, from subtle volume enhancements to dramatic transformations. Here are some things you can consider when choosing what length is right for you:

  • A Natural Enhancement: If you’re just looking to add volume to your natural hair, choosing a length that is closest to your natural hair is the best way to go! This will add volume without anyone knowing you’re not just born with it.

  • A Subtle Transformation: If you’re looking to add length because your hair grows slow, or just want a change up – adding a couple inches is a great choice. Our 18”-24” hair extensions are the best option for you, as they are not dramatically long but will give you that luscious length you’ve been looking for.

  • A Show-Stopping Upgrade: Looking to completely change your look with some serious length? Our 26”-34” hair extensions would be perfect for you! This will give you that sexy “Kim K” look. We do offer custom lengths as well, so if you want even MORE of a dramatic change, just let us know and we will make it happen!

Choosing the Colour:

When it comes to hair extensions, getting the colour right is crucial for a seamless and natural appearance. Our expert colourists provide incredible customization options to match your desired shade, and even create unique looks. Here's what to consider:

  • Matching Your Natural Colour: Opt for extensions that closely match your current hair colour for a subtle enhancement. Then let our expert colourists take those extensions and customize them to perfectly blend with your hair.

  • Adding Highlights or Lowlights: Spice things up by adding highlights or lowlights to your extensions, giving your natural hair and extensions some depth and dimension!

  • Custom Colour Creations: Want to experiment with a new hue? Our expert colourists can craft custom colours that complement your complexion and style.

Selecting the Style:

Now, let's talk about style! Hair extensions offer endless possibilities, from adding volume and texture to creating intricate braids or updos. Our salon takes pride in offering a range of styling options, including:

  • Layering: Achieve that natural, cascading effect with expertly layered extensions.

  • Custom Blending: Seamless blending is our specialty. We ensure your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a look that's both stunning and believable.

  • Unique Styles: Whether you want beachy waves, sleek straight hair, or something entirely unique, our stylists have the expertise to create your dream hairstyle.

At Neish Hair, we understand that choosing the right length, colour, and style for your hair extensions is a personal journey. That's why our team of skilled professionals are here to guide you every step of the way. Your dream look is within reach, and we're excited to help you achieve it!

Ready to explore the possibilities of hair extensions in Toronto? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us bring your vision to life!

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