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Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts: Prolonging the Life of Your Hair

Choosing hair extensions is a great way to add volume, length, and totally redefine your look. When deciding to join the hair extension gang, you want to make sure you are fully equipped with all the information you need to keep your hair looking gorgeous for as long as possible.

Take a look at some of our tips in order to make sure you are getting the most out of your hair investment!

Invest in High-Quality Hair

The foundation of gorgeous, long-lasting hair extensions begins with the quality of hair itself. At Neish Hair, we pride ourselves on using 100% virgin cuticle hair, which is the highest quality available on the market! Unlike processed or chemically-treated hair, virgin cuticle hair maintains its natural strength, shine, and resilience. Investing in top-tier hair ensures not only a stunning appearance, but also less maintenance work, and the most longevity!

Choose the Right Installation Method

The installation method plays a crucial role in the lifespan of your hair extensions. Opting for beaded seamless wefts is a game-changer. Beaded seamless wefts are a type of hair extension that involves attaching small silicone-lined beads to the hair and then sewing in the hair extension onto those beads. Unlike other methods which use adhesives, tight braids, or clips to secure the hair extensions, beaded seamless wefts do not damage the natural hair. The silicone-lined beads are gentle on the hair and do not cause any breakage or pulling, making them a safer and healthier alternative to other hair extension installation methods!

Utilize Recommended Hair Extension Care Products

Caring for your hair extensions is another important step to ensure the longevity of your hair. When you visit one of our hair extension experts, they will equip you with everything you need to know about hair extension care and products that we recommend. This includes using gentle, sulfate-free products, which are ideal for keeping your extensions soft, silky, and vibrant!

At Neish Hair, we are committed to providing you with a game-changing hair extension experience, ensuring you are equipped with the highest quality product, paired with expert services and advice. If you’re looking to flaunt some luscious locks that LAST, without damaging your natural hair, book a free consultation with one of our specialists!

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