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The Healthiest Hair Extension Installation Method

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There various types of hair extension installation methods, including tape ins, sew ins, clip ins, and beaded seamless weft hair extensions. While all these methods have their advantages and disadvantages, beaded seamless weft hair extensions have emerged as a preferred choice among many hairstylists and their clients. In this blog post, we will discuss why the beaded seamless weft installation method is better than all the rest!

Beaded seamless wefts are a type of hair extension that involves attaching small silicone-lined beads to the clients hair and then sewing in the hair extension onto those beads. Unlike tape ins, sew ins, and clip ins, which use adhesives, tight braids, or clips to secure the hair extensions, beaded seamless wefts do not damage the natural hair. The silicone-lined beads are gentle on the hair and do not cause any breakage or pulling, making them a safer and healthier alternative to other hair extension installation methods.

Another advantage of beaded seamless wefts is that they are virtually undetectable. The weft of hair is placed close to the scalp, and the silicone-lined beads are hidden under the client's natural hair, making the hair extensions blend seamlessly with the natural hair. Unlike clip ins, which can be bulky and obvious, beaded seamless wefts are lightweight and natural-looking, giving the client a beautiful, natural-looking head of hair.

Beaded seamless wefts are also long-lasting. Unlike tape ins, which require frequent maintenance and replacement, beaded seamless weft hair extensions can last up to six months with proper care. The beads can be easily re-installed as the client's hair grows, allowing the hair extensions to last longer without the need for frequent readjustments or replacements.

Finally, beaded seamless wefts versatile. Unlike sew ins, which require the natural hair to be braided, beaded seamless weft hair extensions can be applied to any hair type and texture, including fine and thin hair. They can also be easily styled, curled, and straightened, giving the client the flexibility to create any hairstyle they desire.

In conclusion, the beaded seamless weft installation method is the best choice. It is a safe, natural-looking, long-lasting, and a versatile option that offers the client a beautiful head of hair without damaging their natural hair. If you're considering hair extensions, be sure to ask us about our beaded seamless weft hair installation method and enjoy the endless possibilities of beautiful hair!

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