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Top 10 Common Client Questions About Hair Extensions

Neish Hair has been in the hair extension industry for tens of years, and our salon has mastered the craft of creating beautiful hair and transformations with the client’s natural hair health and experience as a priority.

We have consolidated some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients to help you better understand our offerings and why you should choose Neish Hair. Take a look!

1.      What types of hair extensions are available?

There are tons of hair extensions available on the market today but it is important to understand each installation method and their pros and cons. Most methods require using either glue (tape-ins, bonds), or pulling of your natural hair (clip-ins, weaves). If you are prioritizing a healthy head of hair, we easily recommend our seamless weft installation process as the absolute best choice.

2.      What is the best type of hair extension?

The best type of hair extension is virgin cuticle hair, which is the only hair we offer at Neish Hair. Unlike remy hair, which is commonly misperceived as great quality, virgin cuticle hair has never been chemically processed, bleached, or coloured. This hair is in its most natural state, which means it feels the best and will last the longest!

3.      How long do hair extensions last?

Our virgin cuticle seamless wefts can last up to years! We typically recommend getting a new head of hair every 6 months or so, but this all depends on how you have been caring for your hair. Unlike many other hair extensions on the market that require new hair every couple months, virgin cuticle seamless wefts have been proven to last the longest out of any other option on the market.

4.      How do I take care of my hair extensions?

When investing in high-quality hair, the maintenance is easy! We recommend speaking to one of our stylists so that they can personalize your advice depending on your hair health and lifestyle. Our expert stylists can recommend the best hair products and styling tips to ensure your hair lasts as long as possible!

5.      Will my hair extensions damage my natural hair?

If you choose seamless wefts, the extensions will not damage your natural hair! Seamless wefts are the healthiest installation method because it does not require any chemicals, glue, heat, or pulling of your natural hair. Rest assured, your natural hair will grow and be at its full potential while you have our seamless wefts in place!

6.      How much do hair extensions cost?

Our hair extension pricing is based on the length of the hair extensions you wish to purchase, as well as how many grams (the thickness) of the hair. Please contact us to get your pricing!

7.      How long does it take to install hair extensions?

Depending on the number of rows you wish to install, hair extension installation appointments typically take from 1 to 2 hours, with 1 hour being for 1 row of hair. This does not include any colour or shaping services. If you would like more information in regards to how long your appointment may take, please feel free to contact us.

8.      How often do I need to re-install my hair extensions?

Depending on your hair growth, we typically recommend scheduling your re-install every 6 weeks. Some clients with slower growing hair may come up to 8 weeks for their re-install. Please speak to one of our hair extension experts during your consultation to see what is best for you!

9.      Can I colour or heat style my hair extensions?

We recommend leaving the colouring to the experts! Because our virgin cuticle wefts are very high-quality, we would hate to see you jeopardize that. Our salon carries the safest colouring products to ensure custom colour services do not impact the quality of the hair.

As for heat styling, absolutely! We recommend using a heat protector for your hair, but other than that feel free to style your hair as you would your natural hair!

10.  Can my hair extensions be reused?

Absolutely! If you use virgin cuticle hair, this hair can be reused and last up to years. Your reinstall appointments do not mean you need new hair every time. You can reuse your virgin cuticle hair as long as it lasts for!


At Neish Hair our goal is not to just beautify, but also to educate and reassure our clients that they are getting the absolute best product and service. If you have any more questions that we did not cover here, please feel free to check out our FAQ page or contact us to speak with a hair extension expert!

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