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What You Don't Know About Celebrity Extensions

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Hair extensions are continuously becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people seeking to achieve a fuller and longer hair look. Tons of celebrities have been known to use hair extensions frequently, with many of them sporting a different hairdo every time they step out. However, what many people fail to realize is that celebrities often do not consider the quality of hair extensions they use because they dispose of them much more frequently than the average person.

With the constant events, photoshoots, and public appearances, celebrities need to change their hair constantly. As a result, they do not necessarily look for the highest quality hair extensions, because they don't need it. For them, it is more about the convenience of switching up their hairstyles without damaging their natural hair.

It is also important to note the impact and truth behind hair extension collaborations with celebrities. There are many companies that collaborate with celebrities to endorse their hair extensions. While from the consumer’s perspective the celebrity endorsement will increase brand and product credibility, it is important to note that collaborations are typically for monetary gain, and not necessarily because the celebrity truly wears that hair every day, or even believes it is the best quality out there.

As a modern-day consumer, it is important to recognize the discrepancies in today's hair extension marketing. While celebrities may not wear the highest quality hair, they also have an extremely large budget to blow in order to change their hair extensions almost every day. So unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to blow (I wish!!), then it is super important to understand the hair you are investing in and why you should choose virgin cuticle hair.

Investing in good quality hair may seem like an expensive choice at first, but you should consider the long-term advantages for your natural hair and your bank account! Remy hair is a popular choice on the market today with many consumers believing this is the best quality. However, remy hair is chemically altered and therefore sheds, mattes, and tangles easier. The average lifespan of remy hair is only a few months, compared to virgin cuticle hair which can last up to 2 years or longer!

If we break that down, spending an average of $700 on remy hair every 5 months, compared to $1000 on virgin cuticle hair every couple years… the better choice is pretty clear!

In conclusion, do not believe everything you see online and do your research! Celebrity’s change their hair constantly so when they look for extensions, it is more about the style than anything. Hair extension collaborations with celebrities should be taken with a grain of salt. And finally, consider the long-term advantages of choosing good quality hair vs. the other options on the market. It may seem initially cheaper to choose a remy hair option but trust us when we say we have seen the impacts of that many times! Don’t waste your money! Choose virgin cuticle hair extensions.

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