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Hairstyles that will Inspire Your Long Lengths

Long hair is not just a style; it's a statement. For us girlies in Toronto that want to embrace the city’s vibrant lifestyle, finding the perfect hairdo is essential! Whether you’re heading to a power lunch in Yorkville or exploring the city’s rooftop patios, we all know the look starts with the hair! Let’s run through some of our favourite hairstyles that will get you inspired to embrace your long locks and discover what is best suited for you!

1. Single Statement Plait

Make a bold statement with an XXL braided ponytail. This sleek and modern hairstyle is the perfect balance of sophisticated and sexy!  

braid hair style

2. Half-Up, Half-Down

The perfect “cute top and jeans” hairstyle! When you’re looking for something that isn’t too casual, but not too elegant, the half-up, half-down style is perfect for you.

half-up hair style

3. Windswept

The effortlessly hairstyle that is giving “I woke up like this”. Pair a salt spray with a volumizer to get that next day texture and fullness!

windswept hair style

4. Wet Look Waves

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of this gorgeous hairstyle! Load up on shine spray and oils to achieve this runway-ready wet look effect.

wet look hairstyle

5. High Pony Pigtails

If you’re going for a more casual, cutesy look, the high pony pigtails are perfect! Divide your hair in half and create two high pigtails. Add some subtle waves to elevate the look!

pigtail hair style

Rock all of these hairstyles with our virgin cuticle seamless wefts to enhance those long lengths! Our talented team of hair extension experts utilize our beaded weft installation method, which leaves your hair damage free and gives you tons of options when it comes to your hair styles.

Don't fret if you find yourself trying out these hairstyles but lacking the volume or the length. Book a free consultation with us to see how we can completely elevate your hair with our virgin cuticle seamless wefts!

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