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Slaying Summer with Current Blonde Hair Trends

Hey Neish babes! Can we just take a sec to thank the lords that summer is FINALLY here! It’s time to get planted on that rooftop patio with a spicy marg in hand. And you know what goes perfectly with that? Killer blonde hair, obviously! So, let's dive into the hottest blonde trends of the 2024 summer season.

Old Money Blonde

Okay, picture this: You're strutting down the streets of Yorkville like you own the place. That's the energy of Old Money Blonde. Think timeless Hollywood glam meets modern chic. It’s a luxurious blonde shade with golden and champagne undertones. At Neish Hair, our squad of stylists are all about customizing that Old Money Blonde to match your vibe perfectly.

Old Money Blonde Inspiration

(Image credit: @elleusa)

Bronde Balayage

Want the best of both hair worlds? Say hello to Bronde Balayage, the ultimate summer fusion. We're talking about blending those warm brunette tones with pops of sun-kissed blonde. Whether you're into subtle caramel hues or bold honey highlights, our Neish Hair artists are experts at crafting that perfect Bronde Balayage just for you.

Bronde Balayage Inspiration

(Image credit: @chrisappleton1)

Bambi Blonde

This soft, dreamy shade of blonde screams “I woke up like this”, with its natural-looking blonde hues and dimensions. Bambi Blonde is a mix of deep honey, fawn, and vanilla shades – perfect for any season really! It’s also a great option for brunettes that want to go a bit lighter.  

Bambi Blonde Inspiration

(Image credit: @sofiagrainge)

So if you’re ready for the ultimate glow up in summer 2024, trust our talented team of hair colourists and extension artists to give you gorgeous glowing hair that will turn heads! Book your Neish Hair appointment today and let's get this blonde party started! 🌟💁‍♀️✨

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